what's your yarn worth? w/ andy farnsworth

Walking, docu-style conversations with interesting people around New York City.
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Nov 25, 2015

How ducks have sex; ways to call in sick to work; and "food brain"--just a few of the topics covered during this fantastic conversation with LA comedian Barbara Gray. We walked through Prospect Park in Brooklyn on a crisp afternoon and watched fall ripen around us. Listen to this episode of What's Your Yarn Worth? with Andy Farnsworth and then go listen to her on the popular Lady 2 Lady podcast over there on Maximum Fun. 

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Nov 18, 2015

I hope that this conversation with one of the best and brightest French people I know makes up for my lack of insightful commentary on the situation in France. Sami Bronowski is a NYC comedian who walked around Manhattan with me back in April. (I've been sitting on this episode because I was worried you guys might think it's too difficult/distracting to listen to a lively conversation which sometimes battles the sounds of dump trucks and helicopters.) We talked about the usual stuff: girls, mimicking people, food, death, and a lot of other very French type stuff. It's worth a listen. Very John Cage-esque if you go in for that sort of thing. 


Nov 9, 2015

Livia Scott is not only a freakishly funny and compassionate person, who I was stoked to get to spend an afternoon in Prospect Park with, she also offers a compelling theory about my childhood that helped me find my inner 2nd-grader's Walter White. She explains the origins of her body suit and why she is so proud of a particular song she wrote, one that confirms all my worst fears about my genitals. Listen as we "embarrass our way to the right hand of God." And go see Livia in her shiny suit on the Livia Scott Sketch Program at the UCB Chelsea this Wednesday, November 11, at 9:30